We Changed the Look of Our Room

... that preview picture, so I guess it comes directly from Youtube's APII was looking through one of my home improvement magazines a few months ago and really liked the transformation of one room. The amazing thing was that the things that changed the appearance were not expensive or time consuming. The biggest change was the removal of a chandelier and the addition of LED recessed downlights. The chandelier was not that impressive, and it made the room look outdated. Simply taking it away and adding the recessed lights gave the room a very modern look, and the difference in the output of light was pretty incredible too.

It made me look around my own room, and I really didn’t like what I saw. It too was outdated, and I knew that I was going to attempt the same look. I didn’t know if the LED recessed lights would have the same effect on my room, but I wanted to find out. I went online so I could find the best place to get them from, and I was even able to watch a video that had a lot of information about them too. When I showed my husband, I wasn’t sure what he was going to think, so I was pleased when he liked the idea too.

I had him select the LED downlights we would use since he would be the one who would be responsible to get them installed. I showed him which ones I liked, and I should have known that he would want the same ones. It did not take us long to transform our own room from something drab to something fab, and I think it looks even better than the change in the magazine pictures that we saw. There is so much more light now, and we have received quite a few compliments because it looks like we changed more than what we actually did!