Professional Plumbers to Finish Our Bath

When my wife and I bought an older house, we knew that we were going to have to put a lot of sweat and tears into fixing it up. The great thing about that is that we were both looking forward to it. Yes, it needed a lot of work done to it, but that just meant we could fix it up how we wanted it to look. We were able to do most everything ourselves, but I knew that we were going to need to find some professional plumbers in Frome Somerset to help us with an unfinished bathroom.

Our bedroom is huge, and the former owner had started to make a master bathroom as part of it. That is how big the room is, that a large corner could be walled in, which is exactly what they did. They even got some of the plumbing run, but then they had to stop because of illness. When we purchased it, that was actually one of the selling points. We both liked having such a large room with our own private bath apart from the main bathroom. We just didn’t know how to finish the plumbing part of it.

My wife wanted to have a garden tub installed, and I wanted a separate shower. We also wanted to have a double vanity in case we were both in there at the same time trying to get ready for work. We looked online to get some idea on who to use, but it was actually our new neighbor who recommended the plumbers that we hired. They had done similar work for them, and the price was fantastic. The work was superb as well, and after seeing their new bath, we knew we wanted the same plumbers working on ours. They did such a great job on our bathroom, and they did it quickly too!