Plantation Shutters Look Great Inside and out

Old storm shutters in hurricane areas were installed on the outside of windows. They have been popular since window openings in structures first existed for shutting out the weather. It could be the wind, rain, snow or sunlight. Many homes have fake shutters installed next to windows for a decorative effect, with almost every window in homes also having draperies or blinds installed inside to control light and for decoration. plantation shutters are a design component of window openings that serve a functional as well as aesthetic purpose.

A popular way to use shutters in a home now is to have them custom made and integrated into the architecture of the window opening. They are installed inside so they can easily be manipulated by the occupants of the home. They are available in different colors and styles to accentuate the architecture of any home. Unlike some window treatments, they actually increase the curb appeal and value of a home.

Plantation Shutters are great at controlling light. They have easy to adjust louvers to control the amount of sunlight getting into a room. They can be fully opened or closed. They work whether the window is open or closed. They are permanently installed, and they look great without having to have any additional window covering such as draperies, curtains, sheers, valances or blinds.

Each set of Plantation Shutters is custom made for the window opening where it will be installed. Every customer can choose the finish, the frame type, the panel type, the type of tilt rod for the louvers and even the hinges. The shutters can also be made to fit windows that are not of a conventional square or rectangular shape. Also, old styles of window treatments are not very visible as a decorative element from the outside of the home. These shutters make the windows look great both inside and out.