Planning the New Floor Plan

It is going to take some time before we are ready to build the house, but I have been talking to the architect about what I want them to do when they do start to work on. First I have to get things sorted out with the city so that I can be a General Contractor. That is what makes sense and it is how we can afford it. I am looking at the systems involved as a whole. For example you can go to and see plenty of options for security and home automation systems. The thing I am thinking about is how practical it will be to set it up so that I can manage the home’s mechanical and electronic systems remotely. For sure you want to be able to make the house as efficient as possible. I am not sure how smart it needs to be, but it should be smart enough to save me a lot of money.

I know that some billionaires have spent huge sums on houses that were really smart and had a lot of features which do not necessarily make that much sense for the average person. You have to look at the math of it, what do you put in the system to create it. The initial cost is going to be pretty significant and you can be sure that it would be possible for you to put so much in it that you would not ever be able to get the return back on it. In fact you want to put as little in as you can, but get as much in savings out of it. The idea is very simple. You want to have a house that knows when you are there and only use energy at that time.