Not Wanting to Be the Subject of Broken Toilet Bathroom Jokes

Imagine flushing the toilet at home and there is no water in the tank. The time when I really needed a plumber in Chicago was one of those right-now moments. The fill valve had just stopped working, and the last person that flushed never mentioned that the tank never refilled. Now imagine it happening when you were a guest in someone’s house and using their bathroom to relieve yourself of something you really do not want others in the house to see. That was what happened to me. I found a small bucket under the sink and used it to fill up the tank with water from the sink so I could flush.

When I left the bathroom I told my host that the toilet was malfunctioning. He told me to use the bucket under the sink to fill up the tank. My mouth dropped open and I had a look of surprise on my face. Then he said, “Or, you could just use the bathroom upstairs.” I was invited over along with about six other people. Our host did not inform anyone that the toilet was broke. I actually thought that a bit rude even though others thought it was funny. Being mildly displeased I told my host that he needed to call a plumber in Chicago before he hosted another party with a broken toilet.

Hey, I get it. Some people find bathroom humor fascinatingly funny. I really never did. Yes, I also know the psychology of the two types of people when it comes to this. I do find the humor in the terms anal retentive and anal expulsive though. I just am not too happy when embarrassing situations happen to me that are related to needing to use the bathroom. Not wanting to be the butt (pun intended) of bathroom jokes, I laughed it off and joined in with their adolescent humor. If you give this group an inch when it comes to making fun, they will take a mile. I had to cut them off at the pass.