Installing a Gutter Guard for Mom

When I went to my mom’s house not that long ago, I noticed that she needed to have a new gutter guard. The one that a friend had put up just a couple of years prior was already starting to rust something awful, and it was just not doing a great job of keeping the gutters cleaned of leaves and debris. I knew that there had to be a better option, so I went online and looked up gutter guard in Perth. I was actually looking to hire someone to come out and put a gutter guard up for Mom, but I found something even better.

One of the search results was for Aluminium Gutter Supplies. They sell an aluminium gutter mesh that is resistant to rust. Since that was my main concern with the one Mom had up there, I knew that this would definitely be an improvement. I liked everything that I read about their gutter mesh, especially that it is easy to install and I would be able to do it myself because of the DIY kit that comes with it. It contained everything that I needed, and I had no problems getting the gutter mesh installed myself.

I was able to get it in a colour that matches her roof perfectly, and it was very easy to install. There is a 12 year guarantee that comes with it, but I can tell that it is superior to any other gutter guard I have ever seen. It even has a flammability index of zero, which means that if there is a fire nearby, it will not be able to ignite, unlike gutter guards that are made of plastic and can melt. I was so impressed that I actually ordered it for my house too, and I am going to install it this coming weekend.