I Wanted to Redo My Living Room

When my husband and I bought our new house, I was happy with just about everything there. I did want to change a few things with the living room, which meant painting the walls a different color and looking at new window treatments. The walls were an awful orange color, and the windows just had cheap blinds on them. I was able to paint the walls an egg shell white, which completely transformed the room. I then did a search online, which is how I found plantation shutters, a company that custom makes shutters right here in town.

I knew that I wanted someone to come out to the house rather than me going into a store. I know that method can work, but it is not as good as having an expert actually coming out and looking at the windows that the shutters are going to be made for. With this kind of investment, I did not want to make any mistakes. Having a professional come out and give me advice and also handle the measurements of each window is definitely better than me doing it on my own.

I liked what I read about Los Angeles Shutters, which is why I decided to go with them. Not only is it standard protocol for them to send someone out for a free in home estimate, but their prices are the best that I have seen. Their shutters are also custom made, meaning that I am getting the bet possible shutters available. The entire process was very easy and quite pleasant, and I could not be happier with the end result. It did take a bit of time, but I was willing to wait for quality. I have to say, it was well worth the time too, because the living room looks completely different, and I love it!