Fixing Up the Heating and Cooling System

It would have been wiser to have done this before the winter started, seeing as it has been unusually cold this year. However we have decided to do a complete home energy audit and re do the heating and cooling system. We have not made a decision on what we are going to install yet, but we are thinking of something with the sort of smart features that you would get from a system like the honeywell evohome control. It is not that complicated a notion whe you get down to it. For instance if you were going to go off on vacation you would turn off all the stuff that you were not going to need while you were gone. You would turn the heat down and turn the air conditioner off and make sure all of the appliances were turned off. Obviously you would not want to leave the TV on for a week while no one was at home and the same thing goes for the thermostat.

This is the same idea brought to the logical conclusion, that is that you do not always need to have every part of your house warm or cool. In fact you are not going to be at home a part of the time and other times you will be nice and snug under the covers in your bed.When you are work and no one is at home you do not need the house to be completely warm. You need it to be relatively close to where it needs to be though, so that it can be efficiently brought up to the right temperature when you get home. Some of these systems do this on a schedule, but there are some which can tell where you are from your smart phone.