First Day on My New Job

I was not sure they were going to let me have this job, technically I do not think they are supposed to let me do it until I turn 18 years of age. Of course I did not debate the thing and I did know how to operate a sealer sander and that is what they wanted. I have never used a full sized industrial one, but my grandfather, my dad and my uncles are all custom furniture makers. So I have learned how to do all of that stuff. Right now they got plenty of help though and at any rate they seem to have trouble with the concept of paying for services rendered. My Dad was going to let me work for him all I wanted, but he was talking about how I got room and board in exchange and how he put food on the table. Of course I have a pick up truck and that thing wants to burn up a whole lot of gas in a week’s time.

If I did not like girls this might not be that much of a problem for me, but I have a girl and she is college as she is a year older than I am. I was hoping she would come home for summer. Still I am spending a ton of money to go to visit her every weekend. That is not something her Dad knows about of course, but then he is not going to be able to do a lot about it. It is a good hour and a half drive to there and that truck gets about a dozen miles to the gallon on the highway. So you are talking about fifty dollars worth of gas every weekend by the time you figure it all up.