Disturbed Rat Colony Takes Up Residence in Home Under Construction

We were building a brand new house and needed to find a pest control expert even before the drywall went up inside the house. The garage did not have a door, and there was only a plastic covering over the doorway between the garage and the house. A colony of rats was disturbed by an excavation project in the woods behind our new house and the rats found a new place to stay. I looked online and found http://www.foxvalleyenvironmentalpestcontrol.com. They are experts in understanding pest behavior and how to control them.

They told me that some colonies of rats live underground and the excavation probably disrupted a large colony of them. The rats then went to look for new shelter as quickly as possible. Our new house was prime real estate for the large colony of rats that were displaced. Since this is a residential area, the only answer was to exterminate the rats that took up residence in our house. The neighbors around us were all having a problem too. The closest houses to the colony that got dug up were all having problems. Rats are a big problem, literally. They are much bigger than mice. The little mouse traps have no effect on them, and the big traps can easily break a finger if you do not set them right.

I was very happy to turn over the job of getting rid of the rats to the pest control experts at http://www.foxvalleyenvironmentalpestcontrol.com. This is not something I would even want to attempt to tackle on my own. The construction workers were equally disturbed by them. They would not continue work until they were gone. I don’t blame them. I would not want to work where there were big rats running around me either. Well, I think my boss is a rat, but he wears a suit.