Cleaning Away the Scent of Cats

When my mom moved in with me, I was happy for a number of reasons. I was thankful that she would finally not be alone so much, because that was my biggest worry. She decided to sell her house, but I knew that would be a challenge because of the odor there. Though she no longer has any pets, she has always had a house filled with cats. Through the years, their scent has overtaken the house. I was going to replace the carpets, but a friend recommended so I checked them out first.

She has been at my mom’s house many times before, so I knew that she would not offer something that probably would not work. I admit that I had my doubts at first, mainly because of how many years she has had cats. Don’t get me wrong about this. She is a very clean person, and she cleaned her cats’ litter boxes regularly. Just having so many cats and with them having an occasional accident really took its toll on the house.

I contacted the carpet cleaners that my friend recommended, and I asked them their opinion. I did not want to pay for a cleaning that really had no hope of working, so I was surprised when they told me that they have never taken on a job that they could not help with. That gave me a lot of hope, so I hired them. It was hard not to, because they were also running a special where I could have all of her carpets cleaned for a very low price. They lived up to their promise, because I ended up not having to replace the carpets by the time they were done. My mom’s house sold very easily after that, and I use their services at my house now too!