A Great Home Remodeling Project

Kitchen and Chicago bath remodeling are on the rise as many people are deciding to invest in their existing homes instead of trying to sell their home and buy a new one. While the return on investment can be great, the details involved with making it all happen are often overwhelming.The key to successful remodeling projects is having a plan in place that identifies all the major functional and aesthetic items needed to complete the job even before one hammer stroke is made. Setting up a binder or a accordion style file folder to organize all of the information you need to collect is crucial.

Your contractor is going to be asking you for decisions on the big things such as flooring and counter top materials, and the small things such as cabinet hardware and towel holders. You should ask your contractor for a project plan so you are aware of the flow of work and can anticipate what materials will need to be selected and paid for, and what level of disruption you will be experiencing at the various stages of the project. Remember to include not only the large items that will go into your project but also the smaller items like fasteners, applicators and tools required.

It is easy in beginners home remodeling projects to just get caught up in the overall picture of the remodel but the details cost money also. If not carefully planned, the details can blow your budget out of the water.And because it is often difficult to know every expense even after carefully costing out all your details, plan to add 10 – 15% to your budget to cover unexpected expenses, upgrades or sudden price increases. After deciding what you want to achieve in the broad scheme (i.e. painting, replacing counters, flooring etc), decide on your theme or specific colors.