A Broken Water Pipe Saturated Our Basement Causing Extensive Damage

It was a busted water pipe that happened early in the morning after we had all left for work and school that caused all of the damage. By the time we got home there was water everywhere. The pipe broke in the ceiling in the basement. A big section of the ceiling had come down by the time we got home. Water was in the walls and there was hundreds of gallons of water on the floor. The part where the pipe broke was the finished part of the basement too. We called a Ventura water damage company to come out immediately.

They worked fast to clean up the initial mess and begin some needed demolition to prevent mold growth and further damage. I was amazed at how fast they got the water out and the carpeting up. The plumber had not even finished repairing the broken pipe by the time they had a lot of early work done. Then the drying phase began. We had ventilation and dehumidification. The industrial dehumidifiers pull a lot of water out of the air, and the ventilation fans carried a lot of moisture to the outside.

They got the wood of the walls and the concrete floor as dry as it was before the pipe broke. After everything was all dried out, then the reconstruction phase could begin. I thought it might take a couple months to get things back in order. I was sure it was going to take a long time to dry everything out. It didn’t. The machines and fast work made all the difference. This was not a project I would have ever attempted to rectify on my own. It was just too much. I am glad we had real professionals do the work-people who have experience in drying out a home and repairing it after water damage occurs.